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2019 Camp Instructors

GM "Datu Tim" Hartman

Datu Hartman started his formal martial training in Modern Arnis. After his first year of training, Hartman became a direct student of the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas (The Prof). Before GM Presas passed, he promoted Hartman to “Datu” and the highest active ranked American.

In 1998 Hartman started training Kombatan under the Prof’s younger brother, Ernesto Presas. In 2007, while Hartman was in the Philippines, GM Ernesto promoted Hartman to a 9th  degree black belt and Grand Master of the family system.

Hartman continues his education. He is trained and certified in: Modern Arnis, Kombatan, Balintawak Eskrima and Bando. Recently the Datu tested and received black belts in both  Kuntaw and Sikaran.

He has taught throughout the US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, England, Puerto Rico, Poland, Barbados, Venezuela, Chile, Italy, Iceland, Portugal, Finland and in Arnis’ birth place, the Philippines. Though his dedication to the arts, Hartman has become one of the world’s leading instructors of Filipino Martial Arts.

Through the martial arts, Datu has changed his life in the most amazing ways and wants to share his transformation with others so they can experience the same positive benefits that he has gained. Datu Tim has accomplished much in his Martial Arts career. Here is a partial list of his achievements:

For Datu Hartman’s Bio follow this link. 

Tuhon Jack Latorre

Tuhon Jack Latorre began his training in the Pekiti-Tirsia International Curriculum in 1993 under Tuhon William McGrath. He achieved Mataas Na Guro (Master Instructor) rank in May of 2003. After spending the next fourteen year’s spreading and teaching the system, he was promoted to the rank of Tuhon (System Leader) by Tuhon McGrath in November of 2017. He continues to help the Filipino Martial Arts to proliferate, in particular Pekiti-Tirsia.

GM Oliver Garduce

Based in Toronto, GM Oliver is the founder of the Punite Pintados system, a Senior Kombatan Master under the last Great Grand Master Ernesto Presas and a seasoned veteran in other FMA styles. His respected teaching style matched with his big smile and creative demonstrations never fails to impress the advanced Arnisador or pure beginner.
Founder, Pintados FMA
8th Dan (Lakan Walo) Amara Arkanis
8th Dan (Lakan Walo) Kombatan
Founder, Police Arnis Kamao Kombatan (Special Action Unit)
Instructor, Unarmed Combat & Knife Fighting, Philippine National Police SWAT