2011 News

· October 27, Ashburn, Virginia – Police Academy Instructors Course

Datu Hartman and Officer John Bailie taught the EDT course at the Northern Virginia Defensive Tactics instructors re-certification course.

· September 23rd – 25th Buffalo, New York
The Buffalo – Niagara Martial Arts Festival (BNMAF) will feature seminars taught by some of the leading martial artists in their fields. This year’s event will feature:
Datu Tim Hartman – Presas Arnis
Master Rich Parsons – Balintawak Eskrima
Sensei John Borter – Modern Jujitsu
Sensei Ken Swan – Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu
More instructors to be added.
This event will include a banquet Saturday evening and a tour of Niagara Falls Sunday afternoon. For more information contact Horizon Martial Art at admin@horizonma.com or 716-771-1291.

· July 30th – August 7th Poland WMAA Poland Training Camp
This is the first time the WMAA will be having a training camp in Poland. This week long camp will be taught by Presas Arnis Grand Master, Datu Tim Hartman.


· July 14th – 17th , 2011 Buffalo, New York – Modern Arnis Reunion Camp
Visit Camp website: http://presasarnis.com/reunioncamp/

· June 11th Chicago, Illionois
Datu Tim Hartman will be the head arbitrator at the Pacific Island Gathering Tournament. For more information contact Guro John at 773-284-8818 email the kali@midwaykodenkan.com

· May 14th, Gainesville, Virginia
Datu Tim Hartman will be teaching a seminar on Modern Arnis Concepts. For more information contact Gainesville Modern Arnis at: 703-774-6722 or GMATG.VA@gmail.com

· May 19th – 21st Cromwell, Connecticut
Datu Hartman will be a guest instructor at the IMAF Connecticut Training Camp. For more information contact Brian Zawilinski at masterbrianz@yahoo.com

· April 15th– 17th Saratoga Springs, New York
Datu Hartman will be a guest instructor at the Saratoga Martial Arts Festival. For more information contact Steve Pearlman at info@saratogafestival.com or http://www.saratogafestival.com

· April 10th Buffalo, New York
Datu Hartman will be conducting a CIT (Certified Instructor Training) course. Topics will include EDT (Edged weapon Defensive Tactics), Solo Baston & PSC(Progressive Sword Concepts) modules. The training will follow the Buffalo – Niagara Laban Laro Tournament. For more information contact the WMAA Headquarters at 716-771-1291 of admin@wmarnis.com

· April 9th Buffalo, New York
Datu Hartman will be hosting the Buffalo – Niagara Laban Laro IX Tournament.This tournament will feature Stick and Sword Fighting divisions. For more information contact Datu Hartman at 716-675-0899 or email admin@horizonma.com or visit our site http://queencitylabanlaro.com

· March 26th London, Ontario – Canada
Datu Hartman will be conducting a Presas Arnis seminar. For more information contact Scott Southwell at scottsouthwell6@hotmail.com

· February 26th Detroit, Michigan
Datu Tim Hartman and Master Rich Parsons will be conducting a joint seminar on Modern Arnis and Balintawak. For more information contact Bill Barker at bill@progressivetactics.com orhttp://www.progressivetactics.com/

· January 21st & 22nd Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Datu Tim Hartman will be a guest instructor at the 2011 Action Martial ArtsMagazine Hall of Honors and Trade show. For more information contact Sifu Alan Golderg at 718-856-8070 orhttp://www.actionmagstore.com/