2011 News

· November 23, 2011 – WMAA website conversion.
Thanks to Silver Star Media Solutions, the WMAA has a newly revised website. Due to the large quantity of material on the site, it will take several months to finish this project. In the meantime, I would suggest that members check the school and Black Belts listings to make sure nothing has slipped through the cracks during the transition. Thank you in advance for your understanding during this process.

· October 27, Ashburn, Virginia – Police Academy Instructors Course
Datu Hartman and Officer John Bailie taught the EDT course at the Northern Virginia Defensive Tactics instructors re-certification course.

· September 23rd – 25th Buffalo, New York
The Buffalo – Niagara Martial Arts Festival (BNMAF) will feature seminars taught by some of the leading martial artists in their fields. This year’s event will feature:
Datu Tim Hartman – Presas Arnis
Master Rich Parsons – Balintawak Eskrima
Sensei John Borter – Modern Jujitsu
Sensei Ken Swan – Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu
More instructors to be added.
This event will include a banquet Saturday evening and a tour of Niagara Falls Sunday afternoon. For more information contact Horizon Martial Art at admin@horizonma.com or 716-771-1291.

· July 30th – August 7th Poland WMAA Poland Training Camp
This is the first time the WMAA will be having a training camp in Poland. This week long camp will be taught by Presas Arnis Grand Master, Datu Tim Hartman.


· July 14th – 17th , 2011 Buffalo, New York – Modern Arnis Reunion Camp
Visit Camp website: http://presasarnis.com/reunioncamp/

· June 11th Chicago, Illionois
Datu Tim Hartman will be the head arbitrator at the Pacific Island Gathering Tournament. For more information contact Guro John at 773-284-8818 email the kali@midwaykodenkan.com

· May 14th, Gainesville, Virginia
Datu Tim Hartman will be teaching a seminar on Modern Arnis Concepts. For more information contact Gainesville Modern Arnis at: 703-774-6722 or GMATG.VA@gmail.com

· May 19th – 21st Cromwell, Connecticut
Datu Hartman will be a guest instructor at the IMAF Connecticut Training Camp. For more information contact Brian Zawilinski at masterbrianz@yahoo.com

· April 15th– 17th Saratoga Springs, New York
Datu Hartman will be a guest instructor at the Saratoga Martial Arts Festival. For more information contact Steve Pearlman at info@saratogafestival.com or http://www.saratogafestival.com

· April 10th Buffalo, New York
Datu Hartman will be conducting a CIT (Certified Instructor Training) course. Topics will include EDT (Edged weapon Defensive Tactics), Solo Baston & PSC(Progressive Sword Concepts) modules. The training will follow the Buffalo – Niagara Laban Laro Tournament. For more information contact the WMAA Headquarters at 716-771-1291 of admin@wmarnis.com

· April 9th Buffalo, New York
Datu Hartman will be hosting the Buffalo – Niagara Laban Laro IX Tournament.This tournament will feature Stick and Sword Fighting divisions. For more information contact Datu Hartman at 716-675-0899 or email admin@horizonma.com or visit our site http://queencitylabanlaro.com

· March 26th London, Ontario – Canada
Datu Hartman will be conducting a Presas Arnis seminar. For more information contact Scott Southwell at scottsouthwell6@hotmail.com

· February 26th Detroit, Michigan
Datu Tim Hartman and Master Rich Parsons will be conducting a joint seminar on Modern Arnis and Balintawak. For more information contact Bill Barker at bill@progressivetactics.com orhttp://www.progressivetactics.com/

· January 21st & 22nd Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Datu Tim Hartman will be a guest instructor at the 2011 Action Martial ArtsMagazine Hall of Honors and Trade show. For more information contact Sifu Alan Golderg at 718-856-8070 orhttp://www.actionmagstore.com/