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Astig Balintawak

Traditional Art, Modern Delivery System
Astig Balintawak Level 6

Astig Balintawak 

Is a program designed to bring out the Balintawak roots of Modern Arnis. Astig Balintawak is based on 3 primary lineages of Balintawak. The base lineage is GM Anciong Bacon’s original ungrouped method taught to Datu Hartman by the late GM Ted Buot. This method focuses on timing, strategy and precision.  The second lineage is the Moncal – Maranga blend taught to the Datu by the late GM Remy A. Presas. This method focuses on locking, innovation, as well as left handed techniques. The third lineage is the Velez lineage. This influence comes from Datu’s good friend and mentor, GM Bobby Taboada. GM Bobby has been a great inspiration for Datu Hartman. The trademark of this lineage is power and explosiveness.

Balintawak has always been taught in a one – on – one environment. The trademark of the Astig program is it’s easy to teach methodology – using mini templates as a delivery system for the material, as well as simplified way of teaching the masses. To be clear, Astig Balintawak is NOT a new system. It is an updated, modernized way of teaching Anciong Bacon’s system.

Level 1 

Carl Ackerly – USA
Josh Ackerly – USA
Tish Bivens – USA
Robert Hill – USA

Lisa King – USA
Craig Mason – Canada
Carl Outram – Canada

Sam Wolf – USA

Level 2

Ted Smeltz – USA

Level 3

Level 4


Level 5

Level 6

Datu Hartman – USA