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The Tomahawk
Resurgent in movies, and now a common breaching tool on the battlefield, the tomahawk has become a trendy specialty. We utilize the tomahawk as a tool for teaching multi-plane movement, enhanced disarming and trapping, and reinforcing universal striking lines. The hawk has real-world application for those who travel in the back-country, or who go in harms way. As a tool, it corresponds directly to any number of items at hand in an emergency, from a hammer to a tire iron. In addition it is a natural for anyone exploring stage combat. The WMAA offers the tomahawk as a stand-alone module which dovetails seamlessly with our contemporary defensive tactics (TUSK) module as well as our complete art.

Founder: Datu Tim Hartman – USA

US Certified Instructors
Tye Botting – USA
Chad Dulin – USA

Thomas Sam Wolf – USA

Canadian Certified Instructors
Jason Arnold – Canada
Craig Mason – Canada