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This past weekend marked a memorable experience as I led a workshop at the Delaware State Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp. These camps are a highlight for me, offering precious opportunities for close interaction with our dedicated practitioners. We delved deeply into various aspects of Modern Arnis, beginning with an exploration of Trapping Hands Decadena. The significance of trapping in Modern Arnis forms was emphasized, and I demonstrated how it integrates with takedowns and limb destruction techniques.

The camp’s curriculum also included an extensive examination of disarming techniques and counters, going beyond mere mechanics to discuss underlying theories. We revisited the teachings of the Professor, highlighting how disarms can be executed from multiple angles, contrary to the specific angles often taught for memorization purposes.

Post-lunch, we turned our focus to Crossada and Block-Check-Counter techniques, discussing their application in our Daga drill one and exploring variations in the Crossada flow drill. The drill’s role as a skill development tool was emphasized, with applications spanning single stick, single dagger, and stick-dagger combinations.

The second day involved a review of the previous day’s trapping techniques, followed by an introduction to Balintawak concepts integral to Modern Arnis. I shared my Balintawak Fast-Track Template, demonstrating its effectiveness in integrating both Balintawak and Modern Arnis techniques. We concluded with Daga drill three, discussing its relevance to both open hand combatives and edged weapon tactics.

But it wasn’t all training. The camp also included some leisure moments, like a delightful pork roast and a fireworks display on Saturday night. In addition, I addressed an outstanding issue from our spring camp, where a printer breakdown had prevented us from issuing certificates to those who passed their black belt tests. Rather than mailing the certificates, I chose to personally distribute them at various events, maintaining a personal touch. I was particularly pleased to present Miss Julia with her certificate for her promotion to Dayang Tatlo, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis.

A special thanks goes to Cornerstone Martial Arts for generously offering their venue for the camp. I also want to express my gratitude to Punong-Guros Chad Dulin & Tye Botting for their assistance in hosting and training. Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone of their upcoming camp from June 28 to 30, 2024, at the same location for the annual Del-Mar-Va (Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia) Modern Arnis Summer Camp.

Thank you to everyone who participated, making this event a remarkable and enriching experience.

Datu Tim Hartman
World Modern Arnis Alliance


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