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Presas Arnis Forms/Anyo Seminar

Wolfpak Martial Arts 44 1/2 South Main Street, Mount Giliead, United States

This seminar is a combination of practical application and theoretical understanding, focusing on Forms/Anyos in Presas Arnis. We will commence our training with stick forms 1-4 and, time permitting, move on to the empty hand form. The session aims to delve into the training practices and utilities rooted in Filipino martial arts, introducing basic drills […]


Smoking Sticks / Modern Arnis Seminar

School of Ahati 7500 Hillmeade Rd, Glenn Dale, MD, United States

Mark your calendars for December 9th, 2023 and prepare for a thrilling day in Glendale, Maryland! We are ecstatic to bring you a blockbuster Smoking Sticks - Modern Arnis double feature seminar that promises to electrify and inspire. Guro Terryl Richardson, the crème de la crème of the Smoking Sticks System in the United States, […]


Remy Presas Modern Arnis seminar with Datu Hartman

Avon Kempo & Aikido Academy 205 Old Farms Rd, Avon, CT, United States

Join us at Avon Kempo and Aikido Academy in Avon, CT, for a remarkable seminar featuring Datu Tim Hartman, a renowned expert in Filipino martial arts. Due to overwhelming demand, Datu is back to share his extensive knowledge. This session, held on January 20th, 2024, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, promises to be enlightening, […]

Astig Balintawak Immersion Weekend

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

Join us for an exclusive and intensive training experience at the Astig Balintawak Immersion Camp, hosted by the World Modern Arnis Alliance. This exceptional three-day camp, running from February 9th to 11th, 2024, is designed for a small, select group of only four participants, ensuring personalized attention and an in-depth learning experience. Under the guidance […]

Martial Arts Symposium 20th Anniversary Featuring Datu Hartman

Waterville Ice Arena 56 Packard's Rd., Waterville Valley, NH, United States

**20th Anniversary Martial Arts Symposium Celebration** Join us for a landmark event in martial arts history! This year marks the 20th Anniversary of our renowned Martial Arts Symposium. We're thrilled to announce that the highlight of the event will be a special appearance by the esteemed Datu Hartman, along with a lineup of other distinguished […]

2024 Modern Arnis Training Camp

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

The World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA) training camp is indeed a remarkable event, especially for enthusiasts and practitioners of Modern Arnis. This Filipino martial art, emphasizing stick fighting and weapon-based techniques, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and practical self-defense skills. Held annually at the Modern Arnis World Headquarters at Horizon Martial Arts in […]


WMAA Silat Camp

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

We are thrilled to share the news of the inaugural launch of the World Modern Arnis Alliance's Silat Program. The kick-off event for this much-anticipated program is a comprehensive training camp, set to take place on July 20th and 21st at the prestigious World Modern Arnis Alliance headquarters, located within Horizon Martial Arts in the […]


FMA Expo

Washington, DC Washington, DC

Get ready to ignite your passion for Filipino Martial Arts like never before! Mark your calendars for an electrifying experience on August 3rd, 2024, as the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) Expo explodes onto the scene in the bustling heart of metro Washington DC. For the very first time, witness a groundbreaking event where the legendary […]


2024 World Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

The Instructor Development Camp (IDC) organized by the World Modern Arnis Alliance presents a unique opportunity for both existing instructors and those aspiring to join the ranks. Set in the scenic Western New York area, close to the stunning Niagara Falls, this camp promises an intensive blend of hands-on mat training and classroom-based learning specifically […]


North American Kenpo Summit

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

North American Kenpo Summit 2024  Buffalo, NY | September 21 & 22 Dive deep into the world of Kenpo with a series of masterclasses and training sessions by globally renowned instructors. This event, orchestrated by Modern Arnis' very own Datu Tim Hartman, aims to bring together the brightest and most dedicated practitioners of Kenpo from […]

24th Annual Mangisururo Mike Inay Memorial Seminar

Las Vegas NV, United States

Join us on September 29, 2024, for the 24th Annual Mangisururo Mike Inay Memorial Seminar, a prestigious event in the world of martial arts. This year, we are honored to host the seminar in vibrant Las Vegas. The seminar will feature Suro Jason Inay, the distinguished son of the legendary founder, Mangisururo Mike Inay, as […]

2024 Presas Arnis Philippines Camp

Manila, Philippines Manila, Philippines

Mastery Through Tradition: Philippines Modern Arnis Camp 2024 Date: November 9 - 15, 2024 Location: Manila, Philippines Lead Instructor: Datu Hartman Embark on a journey of martial arts mastery and cultural immersion at the Philippines Modern Arnis Camp 2024, taking place from November 9th to 15th in the vibrant city of Manila. Under the expert […]

25 Years of the World Modern Arnis Alliance & Datu Tim Hartman’s 60th Birthday!

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

Join us in celebrating two monumental milestones! The World Modern Arnis Alliance proudly marks its 25th anniversary, a journey that began with the vision of Datu Tim Hartman. Since 1985, Hartman's dedication to the art of Modern Arnis has not only transformed his life but also established him as a foremost authority in Filipino martial […]

Balintawak Immersion Camp

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

Get ready for a spectacular weekend of martial arts mastery and thrilling adventure! Join us from July 18th to 20th, 2025, for an exhilarating deep dive into the world of Balintawak Eskrima, hosted at the fabulous Horizon Martial Arts, the renowned headquarters of the World Modern Arnis Alliances right in the bustling metro Buffalo area! […]

Remy Presas 25th Memorial Camp

Horizon Martial Arts 280 Center Rd, West Seneca, NY, United States

Celebrate the Legacy: Remy Presas 25th Memorial Camp We warmly invite you to join us in honoring the remarkable legacy of Grandmaster Remy Presas at the 25th Memorial Camp. This special event is dedicated to commemorating a quarter-century since the passing of a true martial arts legend. Featuring expert-led workshops, demonstrations, and discussions, this memorial […]