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GM Meliton Geronimo's Visit to World Modern Arnis Alliance Headquarters

A delightful surprise awaited the World Modern Arnis Alliance Headquarters, nestled within the premises of Horizon Martial Arts, as Sikaran Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo and his family paid a visit. Initially, my plan was to attend an organizational meeting in Niagara Falls on Sunday, but when they expressed their interest in visiting our school and headquarters, I gladly welcomed them.

Upon their arrival, I gave them a thorough tour of our facility, discussing the business and then delving into the upcoming World Championships. It fills me with pride to announce that the World Sikaran Brotherhood (WSB) will be joining forces with us, incorporating their 7th Sikaran International Tournament into our event. These championships are scheduled for October 2024.

During our discussions about the WSB's future, GM Geronimo extended an honorable invitation. He asked me to be part of an advisory group focused on promoting Sikaran to the next generation. Grateful for the offer, I gladly accepted the appointment, ensuring that my primary commitment remains in promoting Modern Arnis. As long as these two passions do not conflict, I am enthusiastic about lending my support.

As we were in Buffalo, we couldn't miss out on enjoying some Buffalo wings. So, we headed to Duff's, known for serving some of the best wings in the area. It turned out to be a delightful time, filled with shared laughter, stories, and good food. After our meal, we returned to the school, where, as expected, cameras came out to capture the Filipino spirit. We took a bunch of pictures together with the Sikaran family, further strengthening our bonds.

It was a wonderful experience spending one-on-one time with the Geronimo family, and I eagerly look forward to seeing them again in the near future.