Since 2015, I’ve been privileged to attend Hanshi Bruce Juchnik’s Gathering in California and Nevada, and each visit has marked a poignant moment in my journey. My first time there, the late Grand Master Glenn Abrescy honored me with one of my teacher’s original stick bags, a gesture that moved me to tears. This past weekend, another profound moment unfolded.

Each year, Bruce pays tribute to the departed luminaries of the martial arts world on a memorial wall. This time, among those being honored was one of my former instructors, the late Grand Master Ernesto Presas, who passed away over a decade ago. As Bruce shared the Presas family’s contributions over the years, I had no idea what was to come. When the moment arrived to hang GM Ernesto’s plaque, I was called upon for the honor. I was left speechless.

Ernesto’s passing still affects me deeply, much like the loss of his older brother, Remy. I am profoundly grateful to Hanshi Juchnik and wish to extend my thanks on behalf of both the Presas and Kombatan families for recognizing the significant contributions Ernesto made throughout his life.

Humbly yours,
Tim Hartman
Presas Family Systems