2023 World Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp: A Grand Affair!

The 2023 Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp (IDC) surpassed all our expectations! With a turnout of over 20 in-person attendees and another 13 joining virtually, the event boasted an international aura. We welcomed participants from states including New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Maine. Canada was well-represented with enthusiasts from Sudbury, North Bay, and London, ON. To top it off, our virtual attendees hailed from countries like Sweden, Austria, and Germany.

Our journey began on Thursday with a pre-conference workout, where we touched upon a myriad of subjects ranging from disarming techniques to Panantukan and nuances of Tapi-Tapi. Friday marked the official camp inauguration, and we delved straight into Panantukan levels 1 and 2. A significant highlight was our in-depth exploration of the Astig Balintawak program, understanding the concepts Professor Presas incorporated from Balintawak, shaping Modern Arnis. It's pivotal to revisit the roots of our system to propel it forward, and that's precisely what we aimed for. Beyond this, participants got hands-on with stick, stick and dagger, long sword, staff, and nunchaku forms integral to our curriculum.

Saturday was insightful as several instructors joined the family class. The idea was to grasp child-teaching techniques, ensuring we mold the coming generations of Arnisadors effectively.

Recalling our previous spring camp, we faced some technical hitches with our printer, which made issuing diplomas a challenge. This time, however, we successfully awarded diplomas to deserving candidates. A moment of pride was promoting Tuhon Brock Genevro to the 4th-degree black belt and welcoming him to the senior advisory board of the World Modern Arnis Alliance.

A special shoutout to Vulpes Training blades! Our participants were thrilled with their synthetic blades, elevating the authenticity of our training sessions.

Our Saturday concluded with a heartwarming cookout at my residence. It was an evening of camaraderie, discussions about future endeavors, individual instructor goals, and organizational aspirations. Amidst all the fun, my two furry companions, Brenna and Tyr, ensured they got their share of attention!

Sunday was more relaxed, with participants getting ready to depart. Though the session concluded by 12:30 PM, many stayed back till 3:00 PM, soaking in the last bits of the experience.

Preparations for the 2024 IDC, scheduled from August 23rd to 25th, are already underway. We aim to restrict the number of participants to 24 to maintain an optimal student-teacher ratio. We eagerly await next year's gathering and hope to see many familiar faces.

Warm regards,
Datu Tim Hartman
World Modern Arnis Alliance

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