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We’re thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Maik Werner, hailing from Germany, on achieving a remarkable milestone at Modern Arnis University! ???

Mr. Werner has not only successfully passed the virtual test but has also achieved an extraordinary feat by completing his in-person certification during his time in sunny Barbados at the Caribbean Martial Arts Festival. 

In recognition of his dedication and expertise, we proudly promote Mr. Werner to the esteemed rank of Lakan Dalawa 2nd Degree Black Belt in Presas Arnis! 

This momentous occasion marks a historic milestone for the World Modern Arnis Alliance and the Modern Arnis University. Maik Werner’s achievement exemplifies the power of combining online training and in-person requirements. 

We’re eagerly looking ahead to a future filled with more dedicated individuals completing their training and certification through our esteemed program. ?

If you’re inspired and interested in joining our online university, don’t hesitate to connect with our headquarters via the World Modern Arnis Alliance website at www.worldmodernarnis.com 

With respect and enthusiasm for the journey ahead,

Datu Tim Hartman 

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