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The Southern Ontario Modern Arnis Training Camp, now in its third year, recently concluded with remarkable success. Hosted at the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Center, the event attracted enthusiasts from various regions of Ontario, such as Wallaceburg, London, Cambridge, Deep River, and Sudbury.

The first day commenced with a comprehensive review of ‘trapping hands,’ emphasizing the nuances and practical applications of this technique in different forms. Various instructors from the organization alternated in leading sessions, focusing on the integration of Tapi-Tapi striking with ground control and trapping techniques. A highlight was Datu Hartman’s in-depth exploration of Tapi-Tapi.

On the second day, the focus shifted to locks and controls, drawn from the Dumog program. This was followed by further exploration of trapping techniques and their applications. A unique aspect of the camp was the session on teaching Tapi-Tapi in a seminar setting, which provided participants not just learning opportunities but also insights into instructional methods.

Special thanks are extended to Carl Outram for his excellent hosting of the event. Appreciation is also due to Punong-Guros Jason Arnold, Craig Mason, Guro Greg Hiltz for their valuable contributions. Gratitude is also conveyed to Montana’s BBQ & Bar for sponsoring the instructor’s dinner on Saturday.

Looking forward to the next year’s camp, scheduled for November 30 to December 1, the event promises to be another enriching experience for martial arts enthusiasts.


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