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2024 Modern Arnis Training Camp

April 26 - April 28


The World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA) training camp is a notable gathering, particularly for those fascinated with and dedicated to Modern Arnis. This distinct Filipino martial art, with a focus on stick fighting and weapon-based methodologies, merges cultural tradition with effective self-defense techniques.

The event is hosted yearly at the Modern Arnis World Headquarters within Horizon Martial Arts in West Seneca, Buffalo, New York. It is designed to be an inclusive space, welcoming individuals across all levels of proficiency, and acting as a cultural hub for attendees from diverse backgrounds.

A highlight of the camp is the educational sessions led by globally recognized Modern Arnis instructors such as Datu Tim Hartman, Punong Guro Chad Dulin, Punong Guro Tye Botting, and Punong Guro Graig Mason. These sessions delve into the intricacies of Modern Arnis, covering stick fighting, knife defense, unarmed combat, and the employment of traditional Filipino weaponry, ensuring a holistic understanding of the discipline.

This year, the camp will feature a special appearance by Guro Dean Franco from Blade Technologies.

Additionally, the WMAA training camp is renowned for its strong sense of community and fellowship. It integrates social events and activities like communal meals, cultural outings, and casual competitions. These social gatherings are essential for relaxation, enjoyment, and fostering connections, allowing practitioners to exchange knowledge and form enduring ties within the Modern Arnis fraternity.

Hence, the WMAA training camp is more than just a series of training sessions; it is an experience of cultural immersion, a chance for networking, and an opportunity for both personal and martial development, embedded within the vibrant fabric of Filipino martial arts. For those enthusiastic about Modern Arnis, attending this camp offers a chance to enhance skills, engage in cultural learning, and connect more deeply with the international Modern Arnis community.


April 26
April 28


Horizon Martial Arts


Horizon Martial Arts
280 Center Rd
West Seneca, NY 14224 United States
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