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2023 World Modern Arnis Sothern Ontario Camp

2023 World Modern Arnis Sothern Ontario Camp

The Southern Ontario Modern Arnis Training Camp, now in its third year, recently concluded with remarkable success. Hosted at the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Center, the event attracted enthusiasts from various regions of Ontario, such as Wallaceburg, London, Cambridge, Deep River, and Sudbury.

The first day commenced with a comprehensive review of ‘trapping hands,’ emphasizing the nuances and practical applications of this technique in different forms. Various instructors from the organization alternated in leading sessions, focusing on the integration of Tapi-Tapi striking with ground control and trapping techniques. A highlight was Datu Hartman’s in-depth exploration of Tapi-Tapi.

On the second day, the focus shifted to locks and controls, drawn from the Dumog program. This was followed by further exploration of trapping techniques and their applications. A unique aspect of the camp was the session on teaching Tapi-Tapi in a seminar setting, which provided participants not just learning opportunities but also insights into instructional methods.

Special thanks are extended to Carl Outram for his excellent hosting of the event. Appreciation is also due to Punong-Guros Jason Arnold, Craig Mason, Guro Greg Hiltz for their valuable contributions. Gratitude is also conveyed to Montana’s BBQ & Bar for sponsoring the instructor’s dinner on Saturday.

Looking forward to the next year’s camp, scheduled for November 30 to December 1, the event promises to be another enriching experience for martial arts enthusiasts.


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2023 Delaware State Instructor Development Camp

2023 Delaware State Instructor Development Camp

This past weekend marked a memorable experience as I led a workshop at the Delaware State Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp. These camps are a highlight for me, offering precious opportunities for close interaction with our dedicated practitioners. We delved deeply into various aspects of Modern Arnis, beginning with an exploration of Trapping Hands Decadena. The significance of trapping in Modern Arnis forms was emphasized, and I demonstrated how it integrates with takedowns and limb destruction techniques.

The camp’s curriculum also included an extensive examination of disarming techniques and counters, going beyond mere mechanics to discuss underlying theories. We revisited the teachings of the Professor, highlighting how disarms can be executed from multiple angles, contrary to the specific angles often taught for memorization purposes.

Post-lunch, we turned our focus to Crossada and Block-Check-Counter techniques, discussing their application in our Daga drill one and exploring variations in the Crossada flow drill. The drill’s role as a skill development tool was emphasized, with applications spanning single stick, single dagger, and stick-dagger combinations.

The second day involved a review of the previous day’s trapping techniques, followed by an introduction to Balintawak concepts integral to Modern Arnis. I shared my Balintawak Fast-Track Template, demonstrating its effectiveness in integrating both Balintawak and Modern Arnis techniques. We concluded with Daga drill three, discussing its relevance to both open hand combatives and edged weapon tactics.

But it wasn’t all training. The camp also included some leisure moments, like a delightful pork roast and a fireworks display on Saturday night. In addition, I addressed an outstanding issue from our spring camp, where a printer breakdown had prevented us from issuing certificates to those who passed their black belt tests. Rather than mailing the certificates, I chose to personally distribute them at various events, maintaining a personal touch. I was particularly pleased to present Miss Julia with her certificate for her promotion to Dayang Tatlo, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis.

A special thanks goes to Cornerstone Martial Arts for generously offering their venue for the camp. I also want to express my gratitude to Punong-Guros Chad Dulin & Tye Botting for their assistance in hosting and training. Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone of their upcoming camp from June 28 to 30, 2024, at the same location for the annual Del-Mar-Va (Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia) Modern Arnis Summer Camp.

Thank you to everyone who participated, making this event a remarkable and enriching experience.

Datu Tim Hartman
World Modern Arnis Alliance


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1st Modern Arnis University Full Graduate

1st Modern Arnis University Full Graduate

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We’re thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Maik Werner, hailing from Germany, on achieving a remarkable milestone at Modern Arnis University! ???

Mr. Werner has not only successfully passed the virtual test but has also achieved an extraordinary feat by completing his in-person certification during his time in sunny Barbados at the Caribbean Martial Arts Festival. 

In recognition of his dedication and expertise, we proudly promote Mr. Werner to the esteemed rank of Lakan Dalawa 2nd Degree Black Belt in Presas Arnis! 

This momentous occasion marks a historic milestone for the World Modern Arnis Alliance and the Modern Arnis University. Maik Werner’s achievement exemplifies the power of combining online training and in-person requirements. 

We’re eagerly looking ahead to a future filled with more dedicated individuals completing their training and certification through our esteemed program. ?

If you’re inspired and interested in joining our online university, don’t hesitate to connect with our headquarters via the World Modern Arnis Alliance website at www.worldmodernarnis.com 

With respect and enthusiasm for the journey ahead,

Datu Tim Hartman 

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2023 World Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp: A Grand Affair!

2023 World Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp: A Grand Affair!

2023 World Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp: A Grand Affair!

The 2023 Modern Arnis Instructor Development Camp (IDC) surpassed all our expectations! With a turnout of over 20 in-person attendees and another 13 joining virtually, the event boasted an international aura. We welcomed participants from states including New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Maine. Canada was well-represented with enthusiasts from Sudbury, North Bay, and London, ON. To top it off, our virtual attendees hailed from countries like Sweden, Austria, and Germany.

Our journey began on Thursday with a pre-conference workout, where we touched upon a myriad of subjects ranging from disarming techniques to Panantukan and nuances of Tapi-Tapi. Friday marked the official camp inauguration, and we delved straight into Panantukan levels 1 and 2. A significant highlight was our in-depth exploration of the Astig Balintawak program, understanding the concepts Professor Presas incorporated from Balintawak, shaping Modern Arnis. It’s pivotal to revisit the roots of our system to propel it forward, and that’s precisely what we aimed for. Beyond this, participants got hands-on with stick, stick and dagger, long sword, staff, and nunchaku forms integral to our curriculum.

Saturday was insightful as several instructors joined the family class. The idea was to grasp child-teaching techniques, ensuring we mold the coming generations of Arnisadors effectively.

Recalling our previous spring camp, we faced some technical hitches with our printer, which made issuing diplomas a challenge. This time, however, we successfully awarded diplomas to deserving candidates. A moment of pride was promoting Tuhon Brock Genevro to the 4th-degree black belt and welcoming him to the senior advisory board of the World Modern Arnis Alliance.

A special shoutout to Vulpes Training blades! Our participants were thrilled with their synthetic blades, elevating the authenticity of our training sessions.

Our Saturday concluded with a heartwarming cookout at my residence. It was an evening of camaraderie, discussions about future endeavors, individual instructor goals, and organizational aspirations. Amidst all the fun, my two furry companions, Brenna and Tyr, ensured they got their share of attention!

Sunday was more relaxed, with participants getting ready to depart. Though the session concluded by 12:30 PM, many stayed back till 3:00 PM, soaking in the last bits of the experience.

Preparations for the 2024 IDC, scheduled from August 23rd to 25th, are already underway. We aim to restrict the number of participants to 24 to maintain an optimal student-teacher ratio. We eagerly await next year’s gathering and hope to see many familiar faces.

Warm regards,
Datu Tim Hartman
World Modern Arnis Alliance